A Conversation: The Positive Correlation Between Crime Rate and Poverty Rate


  • Gabriel A. Camacho


My paper is about the topic that there is a positive correlation between the poverty rate and the crime rate. In my research to further understand this correlation I have conducted two separate interviews with two of my colleagues, the interviews being a year apart. The interviews serve the purpose of not only understanding their views towards criminology but also enhancing my understanding of the three different ideologies in accordance with Hugh D. Barlow’s book, Explaining Crime: A Primer in Criminological Theory. In the first set of interviews, I attempt to identify their criminal ideology whether that is liberal, conservative, or critical. I further note the level of analysis they use to come to their conclusions as well as make connections to the theories that are presented in the three different criminal ideologies. Lastly, in the second set of interviews, I observe whether or not they have changed their views on criminal ideology, as well as, resisting some of the arguments they made in the previous interview.  





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