Letter from Dr. Brown


  • Dr. Liz Brown, Chair, Department of Criminal Justice Studies


It is with great delight that I write this note introducing the
inaugural issue of the journal, The Annual Review of Criminal
Justice Studies (ARCJS). While the department has expressed a
desire for a student-run journal for several years, it took the
enterprising spirit of our newest tenure-track faculty member, Dr.
Albert de la Tierra, or Professor Lobo as his students call him, for
this project to come to fruition. Without Professor Lobo inspiring
his students or applying his many gifts in this area, this journal
would have taken much longer to happen. Thank you, Professor
Lobo, for this gift to the department, our students, and to all
interested in current topics in Criminal Justice Studies.

Professor Lobo’s inspiration is infectious, demonstrated by
his ability to get three of our best and brightest students in the
department to serve as the inaugural editorial board. Claudia
Lomeli-Rodriguez, Grace Ann Cowherd, and Serena Raquel
Gomez serve as the editorial committee and have set the bar high
for the quality and caliber of the journal in its very first go-around.
Together, these remarkable students have compiled a compelling
and exciting first issue that traverses the wide range of topics that
interest our students. And their editorial expertise is already on
display, through the selection of the articles, the arrangement of the
issue, and most importantly, through the compelling topics and
ideas that are presented herein.





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