Mass Incarceration: Supporting the U.S Imperial Regime

  • Eduardo Hernandez Student
Keywords: Mass Incarceration, Prison Industrial Complex, Military Industrial Complex, Prison Wage Labor, Exploitation, Conflict Minerals, Slavery, Criminal Justice system, Law Enforcement, Minorities, War on Drugs


In providing an overview into Mass Incarceration, the Prison Industrial Complex, and the Military Complex; the aim of this research will be to demonstrate how the U.S is engaging in a domestic military operation from their exploitation of the U.S prison population through prison wage labor, where conveniently, is being protected under the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution. By virtue of the U.S. military's inherent mechanism to "conquer", the United States government, through its military establishment and law enforcement, has engaged in the systematic exploitation of minority populations. For example, the United States, historically, has become an imperialistic nation from the earliest ventures of the Revolutionary War to the occupation of resource-rich continents such as Africa. As such, the discriminatory and prejudicial policies enforced by law enforcement have targeted minority populations which have resulted in a repeating cycle of incarceration.