The Education Commodity Proposition

Getting to the Root

  • Zachary Stein Ronin Institute; Center for Integral Wisdom

Author Biography

Zachary Stein, Ronin Institute; Center for Integral Wisdom

My interests are in the practices of justice and education. These involve my specializations in developmental psychology and ethics. I studied philosophy and religion at Hampshire College, and then educational neuroscience, human development, and the philosophy of education at Harvard University.

While a student at Harvard, I co-founded what would become Lectica, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to the research-based, justice-oriented reform of large-scale standardized testing in K-12, higher-education, and business.

I’ve published on a wide range of topics including the philosophy of learning, educational technology, and integral theory. My work has appeared in a variety of academic journals including, American PsychologistNew Ideas in PsychologyMind, Brain, and Education, Integral Review, and the Journal of Philosophy of Education. I have taught classes at Harvard University,  Meridian University, and JFK University. My invited speaking engagements span a wide range of venues, from the National Security Agency to off-the-grid spiritual retreat centers.

These days:

  • I am a scholar at the Ronin Institute, where I reseach the relations between education, human development, and the evolution of civilizations.
  • I serve as Co-President and  Academic Director of the activist think-tank at the Center for Integral Wisdom, where I write and teach at the edges of integral meta-theory.
  • I act on the scientific advisor board of the Neurohacker Collective and other technology start-ups, where I use my expertise in ethics and human development to help guide innovation.
  • I offer human development and learning science consultations to schools, organizations, and educational technology companies.
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